All About Me!

In the Imperial year of 936, I left my gestation machine and started this life I now lead. The Abh do not normally have natural births, due to the stresses that our lifestyle places upon our bodies. It was decided early in our history that gestation machines provided the maximum amount of safety for both mother and child.

Just a note about my parent, my father raised me, normally Abh children have a single parent. The parent with the greatest social status raises the children. The other parent is known as the Gene Donor, although we Abh have complete reproductive freedom, within certain guidelines, the greatest expressions of ones love and understanding produces an offspring of love, either a daughter if the child is female or a son if the child is male.

I’m very honored to be a Daughter of Love.

My first ten years.

Let me say here and now my father had the most unorthodox way of raising children, well at least in my case. I do believe my brother fared much better than I did. Some of the other children I knew were aware of the identity of their Gene Donor. My father chose to keep the identity from me and by law he could until I turned twenty-one years of age.

One night after I had questioned him about my Donor he finally gave in and promised to bring them by that next day. I was playing in my room and he opened the door in his hand he was holding the family cat. He announced then and there, she was my Gene Donor?!?

I was eight years old, I completely flipped out!  How could he do that to me? What was he thinking? Mating with the cat? Gross!

I spent the next few days wondering how soon I’d start looking like the cat. Those were very stressful days. Finally I figured out father was pulling my leg and I was not part cat.

It was then and there I decided to join the Star Forces as soon as they would accept me, which was two years later.

My Life in the Star Forces. (The early years.)

The Star Forces did not care about my social status. That could not be said for those around me though. Being directly in line for the Jade Throne , a member of the Imperial family my life was very lonely. Making friends was very hard; I’d always be addressed by my title, never my name. Those around me had heard of my family history, that history made making friends even harder. Most people had a very healthy respect (fear) of me because of my family name and heritage. I studied hard and excelled in my classes. Finally the time came to go to space on a warship and apply my training.

The Gosroth.

My first view of the ship was from the transfer shuttle as we approached it in the Imperial shipyards. It was the first prototype of an advanced patrol ship design; this was going to be its first voyage, its proving trials. I was surprised to find the Captain was a person I knew well, Captain Plakia Lexshu. She had been around the Imperial gardens as I grew up, she seemed at that time a very nice lady, But now she was my commanding officer and any personal feelings I had for her were put aside.

This was a ship with a new Captain and crew. I thought I would fit in very well, we would all learn together. I also had accepted the fact that being who I was, those around me would just be a bit uncomfortable until they got to know me. It didn’t work out that way though, however one person aboard ship took me for who I was and not my title. That person was the Captain.

The first few months were rough and lonely, however once every two weeks the Captain would spend time reviewing my performance and giving me training in shipboard operation. The Captain and I became close, on my sixteenth birthday; she called me to her quarters and confirmed my suspicions that I’d been feeling for a couple of months. She in fact was my Gene Donor. I was elated and excited.

We spent most of the evening discussing as much as she could tell me about how I came into being; from that discussion I realized I was a Daughter of Love. My heart sang although I could tell no one of this, I still knew and so did the Captain.

Delktou Spaceport

One morning the Captain summoned me to the bridge she assigned me a cilique and instructed me to precede to the Delktou Spaceport where I was to retrieve a Count that we were going to transport back to the Capital. It seemed a pretty simple task, it was my second time solo from the ship and the trip was all in normal space. So there would be no need to generate a space-time bubble and travel in plane space. I left the Gosroth and arrived at the spaceport without incident.

Little did I know my life would not be the same again, that’s when I met him.

He was a Count of a system the Empire had annexed about eight years earlier. I expected a stuffy, old, Boring person. However he was about my age and the best thing was he had no idea who I was. I went to salute him, he thought I was going to hit him and he blocked it, although he said different, I now know better.

We had an adventure while we were at the spaceport it was exciting.

I was amazed at his total lack of knowledge concerning spaceships, he thought the cilique was the Gosroth!

The trip back to the Gosroth had its moments; I finally had a discussion with another living being, who had accepted me for who I was, not for who I could become. It was going to be short lived though. I returned him to the Gosroth, the ships company greeted him, again he was shocked at this greeting. We parted company, and a couple of hours later I was called to escort him back to his quarters. When I picked him up everything had changed. Somebody on the bridge had told him who I was. Now he followed me, trembled at the sound of my voice, and then he addressed me improperly. I was furious!

An isolated gangway was where I decided to confess to him and set him straight. I turned to him and told him he was the first person in my sixteen years of life to address me as a person, not a member of royalty, it had been very hard not having any friends who didn’t know of my social status.

He then asked a few questions and stated he wanted to call me by my first name always. I toyed with him for a few moments to make sure he was sincere in his expression, he was.
From then on I would call him Jinto and he would call me Lafiel! I escorted him to his quarters where we talked like old friends it was very enjoyable. The time came for me to return to my duties and he to his studies. We planned to see each other again.

My World Turned Upside Down.

It had been five days since we left Delktou. Traveling in plane space always afforded me an opportunity to learn. I was doing just that when the Captain came on the ships intercom system. Her announcement would forever change all of our lives. It seemed vessels were headed in our direction these vessels were not Abh they belonged to the United Mankind.

The Captain figured we would have to fight our way to the Capital, and she was right. After the message I was contacted and asked to bring Jinto to the bridge with me. As always I followed orders, arriving on the bridge the Captain instructed me to stay while she talked with Jinto, which I did.

What happened next infuriated me, she ordered me to take the communications shuttle, leave the Gosroth with Jinto, the ships logs and head for Clasbul, from there we could get transportation to the Capital. For a moment I became that Royal Princess that didn’t want to leave, I said some rather harsh things to the Captain.

With stern yet gentle eyes the Captain informed me I would follow her orders or face the consequences of my actions. I swallowed hard, apologized and accepted my duty. She told me to go prepare the ship and contact her by radio when I was ready. She bid me a loving farewell; she knew then we would never see each other again. I left the bridge Jinto joined me several minutes later with a few belongings, the ships logs and two laser pistols with extra power packs.

We left the Gosroth and headed for Clasbul. I had no idea what lay before us all I was feeling was a sense of abandonment, I still felt like I was running away from the battle, and being a coward. The first part of the trip was in dead silence, and then Jinto made a valiant attempt to take my mind off things. It almost worked.

I expressed my disappointment at having to leave the Gosroth, Jinto took it the wrong way in his mind he figured he wasn’t worth my time. I had to explain all of my feelings to him and confess something I think he already knew that the Captain was in fact my Gene Donor.

Earlier Jinto had told me his mother died when he was very little. I didn’t know how to react to that then, but now knowing in my heart that I might not see the Gosroth or Captain Lexshu again I began to feel what he had felt. It was time to exit plane space and refuel. I hope it would be a short stay in this Febdash territory.

The Battle of Febdash.

What should have been a simple refueling stop turned into a situation where Jinto and I were held against our will by the Baron of this territory. With the help of his vassals and his father the former Baron we were able to regain our freedom, that freedom came at a very high price. I had to killed the Baron to gain our freedom. It was something I had never done before; it left me inwardly feeling very sick. With the former Barons help we gather enough fuel to make it to Clasbul. I hoped we would arrive before the enemy ships did. I wondered if Gosroth was all right? We departed as soon as we were refueled.

Clasbul (I’ve never set foot on a surface world before!)

We had lost so much time at Febdash my worst fears were facing me. The radar showed a number of ships surrounding Clasbul and several ships moving to intercept us. Before I could think straight the approaching ships launched mines towards us. Maneuvering away from them we found ourselves in normal space quite a ways from Clasbul. The station on Clasbul finally answered our hail, only to inform us we were on our own; the station was about to be over run.

Low on fuel and no refueling station in sight I decided to make a bold (dumb) move. I’d take this unarmed shuttle and my civilian passenger into battle. Jinto fiercely disagreed with my decision and finally convinced me that going to the surface world was our only hope for survival. This shuttle was never designed to land or leave from a surface world. Our only hope was to do an emergency landing, which meant we would be stranded on the surface world forever.

Neither one of us had endured this kind of landing before it scared us both. We survived the landing and were in a cornfield. Securing the escape capsule and bidding the A.I. unit farewell we ventured off into the night. The stress of landing was one thing; this gravity of the surface world was another. It pulled unrelentingly at me, slowing my movements and causing me to tire rapidly.

I guess Jinto and I failed to have one discussion. I blame myself for what happened next, my bodily functions announced that they had to relieve themselves. I tried to excuse myself from Jinto however it didn’t sink in. He became very insistent on the two of us staying together. Finally I lashed out at him and hid in the cornfield telling him to stay put and not to follow me with either his body or his eyes. I embarrassed the daylights out of both of us, however there were three other things he did that made me even madder.

The first night we stopped and rested I fell into a very deep sleep only to awaken and find Jinto gone, no note, nothing. I panicked, and then I heard someone entering the cave. I could sense it was Jinto but I decided to teach him a lesson here and now. When he approached me I drew down on him with my laser pistol it was set to kill. Needless to say I scared the very life from him. We had a conversation about going off and leaving me without telling me first. I don’t think he’ll do that again.

The second night we stopped outside a village it had been decided earlier that we needed to go towards civilization. Staying in the cornfields was not the best way to survive and we had to survive. Jinto decided to go into town alone because he said we need different outfits and the way I was presently dressed, I’d stand out too much? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a good-looking Princess; all of my people have remarkable beauty but a disguise? I accepted his statement and told him to get back soon. He left and somewhere while he was gone I decided to trust him while we were on this strange world.

When he returned my faith in him became shaken. He had bought clothes, which I figured I could wear over my uniform. I was wrong not over but instead of my uniform. There wasn’t a lot to the sundress he bought, or the shoes although they did fit well. Then there was this large floppy hat; he figured it would cover my sensory organ which it did and my family trade mark ears those it hid too. But there was something else I was very proud of that needed to be hidden. Jinto produced a spray can even though I couldn’t read it, the pictures told the tale. I was to dye my beautiful blue hair, Black!

I protested LOUDLY, it was to no avail; Jinto convinced me that if I didn’t dye my hair we would be immediately arrested. I though he was making me do this to satisfy some evil desire he had, however once in town I saw a broadcast where the enemy were detaining anyone with blue hair, I’m glad I dyed it.

On our way to town Jinto and I had a discussion about the third thing that really bothered me. I was beginning to feel like he had become my guardian, that I was a child that couldn’t be left alone for any length of time without his supervision, foolishly I stated my desire to no longer be a burden to him and my desire for the two of us to part company here and now.

I figured he would throw his hands in the air and be glad to be rid of me. However his response to my actions was nothing like I figured it would be. He proceeded to tell me that we both need each other that he could not survive in space without me and I could not survive on the surface world without him, the amount of pride in his voice and the carefully chosen words lead me to believe he really did have our best interest at heart. I gave in and accepted his advice and help while we were on this strange world.

What happened next surprised both of us.

These three males in what Jinto called a hover car stopped and tried to detain us. I managed to get my pistol free and we subdued them. Then we took their car and all of their money. This was my first act of criminal aggression and it was fun. Jinto managed to get the hover car going, the next thing I know we are speeding across countryside the wind blowing my hair everywhere. I so wanted to remove the hat and let my hair fly free but I decided not to.

We reached a big city, hid the car, found lodging, although cramped, it did have a working shower, to my relief. Our plan was to spend a few days there. We figured by then the Star Forces would have retaken this surface world and we could return to them.

The best-laid plans never go as planned, a resistance group tried to capture us, instead we captured them. They did have something we needed, a safer hiding place, or so we thought, it was not to be, the enemy was looking for us as well and it all came to a big confrontation where many lives were lost. The surface world authorities finally apprehended Jinto and I. It was a short confinement; those who tried to take us in the first place rescued us.

A side note. After the surface world authorities apprehended us an enemy solider tried to take Jinto and I away. Jinto valiantly defended me to the point of taking a bullet in his shoulder. Upon later reflection that bullet was meant for me and would have taken my life. I never properly thanked Jinto for the heroic effort.

Our previous captors, now our new friends, sent us back to space, in a very crude ship (they called it a coffin). We were rescued and sent to the Capital. It was there I learned of Gosroth’s fate and that we were at war .

I was not the only one, who had suffered personal losses, Jinto had lost his territory and his father had been assassinated. I still had one parent, he now had none he never showed any emotion.  I on the other hand had quite an emotional outburst over losing Captain Lexshu. An outburst, which is forbidden to be seen by anyone. It’s hard at times being who I am.

Moving Forward

It was time to go forward with our lives. My captain’s school awaited me and Jinto’s accounting school awaited him. I told him if he did well in school. I’d invite him to join my crew when I was assigned my ship. He agreed to my request, I gave him a cat to keep him company, the three years we would be separated. I hoped the cat would keep my memory alive, It did.

The Basroil and the Battle of Aptic Gate.

Three years later I command an attack ship. Fast and maneuverable, but lightly armed. We stay in groups of six for maximum effectiveness. Jinto is at my side along with three other officers, separated from the rest of the crew, we are in our own little world. This was my first battle although I ended up losing the ship I did manage to save a few lives, including Jinto’s. Now I feel a little better about Clasbul.

Lobnas II

The war continues however I get assigned a duty most officers detest. Administrator of a planetary system. Admiral Bebaus assigned me this duty. Unfortunately he forgot to provide some important details about the system. Lobnas planetary system and in particular the surface world of Lobnas II was where the United Mankind housed its worst criminals. This lack of information, coupled with my inexperience, caused the needless loss of many lives on the planet. Through a complex set of circumstances I was force to leave one member of my crew behind on the surface of Lobnas II. That crew member was supply officer Jinto Lynn.

Our evacuation from the planetary system was filled with problems too. To keep Jinto’s promise, I stayed in the system longer than I should of. With an approaching enemy force and a small force to protect us. I caused an unnecessary battle to happen, our losses were enormous. Once the fighting had subsided I took a leave from the Star Forces and mounted an expedition to return to Lobnas II. There was one thing I was after, Jinto. Luck was on my side Jinto was found on death’s door but still alive. I had another one of those forbidden emotional moments, and I didn’t care.

Recovery, Restoration of taken territory and the future.

I got Jinto back to the Capital to recover; I took station duty so I could keep an eye on him. In the meantime the Star Forces were regaining territory lost when the war started. Soon, Jinto’s territory was in the hands of the Empire. I took leave to accompany him to his home.

I thought I would get to see his home, which never happened. He made an agreement with his home, which left him at a grave disadvantage. He could only stay ten days with in the system and never step foot on his home world or contact his subjects. In return his home world agreed to become part of the Empire, although independently governed. This was unheard with in the Empire, a Count without subjects, only allowed certain amount of time in his domain. His decision was felt to the Jade Throne itself. I’ve grown fond of Jinto although I have trouble expressing my feelings to him. Now that his ordeal at his home is over, it is time for me to continue my destiny.

I’ve been offered command of a new type of ship, the attack frigate, it’s larger than the Basroil yet smaller than a patrol ship it at first seems awkward, I’ll get use to it I guess. My crew, there is one member from the Basroil aboard and of course Jinto is by my side. I now look forward to whatever the future holds.