Frybar Gloer Gor Bari, Four Nations Alliance and the War


Frybar Gloer Goer Bari

The Frybar Gloer Goer Bari (often abbreviated to Frybar), also known as the Humankind Empire Abh, is the largest of the mankind’s interstellar nations as of Imperial Year 956. The Frybar rules over approximately fifteen hundred inhabited systems and more than twenty thousand partially inhabited star systems, which constitutes approximately half of the human population of the Elukufa . The remaining human population is under the dominion of the Four Nations Alliance . Currently, the Frybar and the Alliance are at war.

The moiety of the Frybar, and the race to which I belong, are known as the Abh . Originally created as a genetically engineered spacefaring servant race, we continue to modify our genes to this day in order to preserve certain desirable traits and halt the progress of natural macroevolution. Genetic Abh are recognizable by our blue hair (ranging in color from bluish-green to purple), beautiful and delicate complexions, and frokaj , which are typically covered by alpha . Because of the frokaj, we have a natural 360-degree sensory perception, based on high-frequency waves emitted by the jewel-like organ. When a frokaj connected to an Abh starship’s sensor feeds, this allows us to ‘feel’ the ship as an extension of our own body. This makes our kind natural and highly adept space pilots.

Politically, the Frybar seeks to conquer and subjugate all sovereign planets or interstellar nations that are not currently associated with either our own nation or the Four Nations Alliance. This is to prevent those nations from gaining access to faster-than-light travel via plane space technology, which would lead to interstellar war. Essentially, the mission of the Frybar is one of peace: by uniting all of mankind under one nation and controlling trade, we will bring an end to war and usher in an age of permanent peace. Unfortunately, this brings the Frybar into conflict with those who view our goals as nothing more than expansionist imperialism.

The Frybar’s military force is the Labule , also known as the Star Force. This organization consists entirely of spacefaring starships outfitted for both fath and dath combat. Although the Frybar maintained a ground army in the past, it has been since disbanded. Currently, the Labule is fighting in the war against the Four Nations Alliance.

The Frybar is a limited feudal monarchy, constituted of distinct interstellar nations, each ruled by their own lord, all of which answer to the Spunej (emperor or empress). The current Spunej, Her Majesty Erumita Ramaj, is the twenty-seventh individual to hold that title. In order to become Spunej, a member of the Abriel family must ascend to the rank of Imperial Admiral in the Labule, at which time they become the Rue Spen (Crown Prince or Princess) of the Frybar, and the heir apparent to the Skemsorl Roen (Jade Imperial Throne). The current crown prince is Glaharerl Rue Bryer Kilugia Rue Spen Dusanyu. Generally, a Spunej will not rule until their death; instead, they will retire and become a part of the Luzei Fanigalak (Former Emperor’s Congress).


Four Nations Alliance

The Four Nations Alliance is a military alliance established by the signing of the Nova Sicily Treaty. Currently, the Four Nations Alliance consists of the the United Mankind , the Hania Federation , the Republic of Greater Alcont and the People’s Sovereign Union of Planets . This alliances was formed to counter the military strength of the Frybar Gloer Goer Bari , and consequently is currently at war with the Frybar.

Although the Nova Sicily Treaty dictates that all four nations of the Alliance should be engaged in hostilities with the Frybar, the Hania Federation remains neutral and maintains its diplomatic ties to the Frybar. The reason for this is not known.


The United Mankind

“Who are the Abh? Collectively, the Abh are a machine. They do not value their children, except as replacement parts. What is this machine? It is the Humankind Empire of Abh, which is a continual threat to wholesome human society. If we do not stop this machine, it will devour all other human societies. Therefore, the Abh must be destroyed.”
–Congressperson Fitzdavid speaking to the United Mankind Central Council

The United Mankind is an interstellar nation and a member of the Four Nations Alliance . They are the nation which initiated hostilities against the Frybar by attacking and destroying the Resii Gosroth, although they claim it was the Gosroth who attacked their ships. Their government is entirely intent on the destruction of the Abh and the Frybar, as is evident in their propaganda.

During the occupation of Clasbul, I learned a great deal about the United Mankind. Their occupying ground forces were particularly brutal, and were not hesitant to send innocent citizens to internment camps merely because they held positions in the Clasbul government or belonged to a particular political party. They broadcast their propaganda nonstop, denouncing the Abh as nothing more than soulless machines. They also refer to planetary governments under the Frybar as nothing more than ‘slave democracies’, and insist that only under their rule can a planet achieve ‘true democracy’. They also condemn genetic engineering. To justify these beliefs, they cite their faith in ‘morals’ and ‘god’.

The United Mankind is motivated by only one thing: hatred. They hate the Abh, and will not stop until they have destroyed us all. This is the face of our enemy… the face of hatred.


Hania Federation

The Hania Federation is an interstellar nation and a member of the Four Nations Alliance . Although the Alliance is currently at war with the empire, this nation remains neutral and retains its diplomatic ties with the Frybar . The reason for this is currently unknown.


Republic of Greater Alcont

The Republic of Greater Alcont is an interstellar nation and a member of the Four Nations Alliance . They are currently at war with the Frybar , as per the Nova Sicily Treaty.


The People’s Sovereign Union of Planets

The People’s Sovereign Union of Planets is an interstellar nation and a member of the Four Nations Alliance . They are currently at war with the Frybar , as per the Nova Sicily Treaty.


Frybar Gloer Gor Bari / Four Nations Alliance Conflict.


The Frybar Gloer Gor Bari / Four Nations Alliance Conflict is an ongoing full-scale war between the Frybar and the Four Nations Alliance concerning the ultimate fate of mankind. Although the Nova Sicily Treaty dictates that all four nations of the alliance should be at war with the Frybar, the Federation of Hania remains neutral and maintains diplomatic ties with the Frybar at this time. The war began in Imperial Year 952 with the surprise attack on the Resii Gosroth in which my mother was killed.

Early in the war, the United Mankind occupied Safugnoff and destroyed the military base and space elevator orbiting that system’s only inhabited planet, Clasbul. I happened to be trapped on that planet during the occupation, but that is another story… Needless to say, the Frybar regained control of Safugnoff, but the United Mankind attack turned out to be a diversion for a direct attack on Lakfakalle, the capital of the Frybar. Fortunately, the Spunej had enough foresight to maintain a strong enough Labule presence in Lakfakalle to repel the attack. Both sides were devastated by this battle, however, and the conflict ground to a halt for three years while both sides rebuilt their forces.

The Frybar made the next move in Imperial Year 955. We launched Operation Phantom Flame, a military offensive aimed at linking the kingdoms of Syuruguzede and Raisuiisu and strengthening the Frybar’s position. The operation was an initial success, but ultimately met resistance at the Aptic sord, where forces stationed in dath managed to hold off a mine attack long enough for reinforcements to take out the enemy fleet from fath. This victory allowed the Frybar to engage in Operation Hunter, recapturing all the areas lost during the initial phase of the war and allowing us to take the offensive.

What the ultimate outcome of this war will be, no one can say. In any case, the fate of all of humanity rests on the outcome. Are you doing your part to fight for the Frybar?