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My Creator
Written by Diaho   
Aug 04, 2007 at 07:00 PM

Information about my creator 

Hiroyuki Morioka (森岡 浩之 Morioka Hiroyuki)
Born March 2, 1962, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

In 1992, his first novel Yume no ki ga tsugeta nara ("If Only the Dream Trees Could Touch") appeared in Hayakawa Shobo (Tokyo)'s S-F Magazine. His short story "Spice" won the Hayakawa Award in 1993.

In 1996, he published his first long novel in three volumes, Seikai no Monshou (Seikai no Monshō/Crest of the Stars). In the next year 1997 Seikai no Monsho was awarded with Seiun Award at the Japan SF Convention. He released its sequel Seikai no Senki (Banner of the Stars), where he said that Seikai no Monsho was actually an overture to Seikai no Senki. Morioka had already suggested in Seikai no Monshou 2 that the entire series should narrate the life of Princess Lamhirh (aka Lafiel), from her birth to her eventual ascension to the imperial throne.

Three volumes of Seikai no Senki are now available and Morioka named them "Diahoc Trilogy" but the series itself has not yet finished. The forth volume arrived in 2004. A fifth volume is currently being written. An English translation of "Seikai no Monshō/Crest of the Stars" has been published. The first volume of which was released in fall 2006, the second early 2007 and the third spring of 2007 courtesy Tokyopop.

Aside from the Seikai series, he published another Senki in 4 volumes, based on Japanese mythology.

His characteristics as a writer include a deep interest for linguistics (specially for conlangs), artificial intelligence, bitter humor, and well-designed world settings.


His works that affect my life and my world:

Seikai Series

Seikai no Monshō

Seikai no Monshō I "Teikoku no Ōjo" (Crest of the Stars I "The Imperial Princess") (1996)


Seikai no Monshō II "Sasayaka na Tatakai" (Crest of the Stars II "A Modest War") (1996)


Seikai no Monshō III "Ikyō e no Kikan" (Crest of the Stars III "Returning to a World Unfamiliar") (1996)


Seikai no Senki

Seikai no Senki I "Kizuna no Katachi" (Battle Flag of the Stars I "The Form of Bonds") (1996)


Seikai no Senki II "Mamoru Beki Mono" (Battle Flag of the Stars II "That which is to be Protected") (1998)


Seikai no Senki III "Kazoku no Shokutaku" (Battle Flag of the Stars III "A Family Dinner") (2001)


Seikai no Senki IV "Kishimu Jikuu" (Battle Flag of the Stars IV "Cacophonous Space-Time") (2004)


Seikai no Danshou


Seikai no Danshou I (2005)
Sousei (創生, "Genesis") (SF Magazine, Feb. 1999)
Kyoen (饗宴, "Feast") (1997)
Shushu (蒐集, "Collection") (SF Magazine, Sep. 1999)
Hotetsu (哺啜, "Suckling") (2000)
Kunrin (君臨, "Reign") (SF Magazine Feb, 1997)
Hiseki (秘蹟, "Secrets") (May, 2000)
Yasou (夜想, "Nocturne") (2001)
Senritsu (戦慄,"Shudder") (April, 2005)
* Tanjyou (誕生,"Birth") (August 1996) *
Bokun (暴君, "Tyrant")
Sesshoku (接触,"Contact")
Genzai (原罪,"Original Sin")

*Twelve Seikai short stories including Birth from Seikai no Dansho OVA.*

Seikai no Danshou II (2007)
Heidon (併呑,"Annexation")
Shitto (嫉妬,"Envy")
Chakunin (着任,"Reporting for Duty")
Doyu (童友,"Childhood Friend")
Tenkyo (転居,"Moving")
Boukei (謀計,"Conspiracy")
Kyugi (球技,"Sport")
Ketsubetsu (訣別,"Parting")
Dogi (童戯,"Childhood Prank")
Shukufuku (祝福,"Blessing")
Henten (変転,"Change")
Bokushu (墨守,"Adherence")


Images: Copyright Hayawaka Publishing Limited.

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