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All About Me!
Written by Diaho   
Aug 06, 2007 at 09:26 PM



In the Imperial year of 936, I left my gestation machine and started this life I now lead. The Abh do not normally have natural births, due to the stresses that our lifestyle places upon our bodies. It was decided early in our history that gestation machines provided the maximum amount of safety for both mother and child.

Just a note about my parent, my father raised me, normally Abh children have a single parent. The parent with the greatest social status raises the children. The other parent is known as the Gene Donor, although we Abh have complete reproductive freedom, within certain guidelines, the greatest expressions of ones love and understanding produces an offspring of love, either a daughter if the child is female or a son if the child is male.

I'm very honored to be a Daughter of Love.   

My first ten years.

Let me say here and now my father had the most unorthodox way of raising children, well at least in my case. I do believe my brother fared much better than I did.  Some of the other children I knew were aware of the identity of their Gene Donor.  My father chose to keep the identity from me and by law he could until I turned twenty-one years of age.

One night after I had questioned him about my Donor he finally gave in and promised to bring them by that next day. I was playing in my room and he opened the door in his hand he was holding the family cat. He announced then and there, she was my Gene Donor?!?

I was eight years old, I completely flipped out!
How could he do that to me?  What was he thinking?  Mating with the cat?  Gross!

I spent the next few days wondering how soon I'd start looking like the cat. Those were very stressful days. Finally I figured out father was pulling my leg and I was not part cat.

It was then and there I decided to join the Star Forces as soon as they would accept me, which was two years later.

My Life in the Star Forces. (The early years.)

The Star Forces did not care about my social status. That could not be said for those around me though. Being directly in line for the Jade Throne , a member of the Imperial family my life was very lonely.

Making friends was very hard; I'd always be addressed by my title, never my name.
Those around me had heard of my family history, that history made making friends even harder. Most people had a very healthy respect (fear) of me because of my family name and heritage.

I studied hard and excelled in my classes. Finally the time came to go to space on a warship and apply my training.


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