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All About Me!
Written by Diaho   
Aug 06, 2007 at 09:26 PM


The Gosroth.

My first view of the ship was from the transfer shuttle as we approached it in the Imperial shipyards. It was the first prototype of an advanced patrol ship design; this was going to be its first voyage, its proving trials. I was surprised to find the Captain was a person I knew well, Captain Plakia Lexshu. She had been around the Imperial gardens as I grew up, she seemed at that time a very nice lady, But now she was my commanding officer and any personal feelings I had for her were put aside.

This was a ship with a new Captain and crew. I thought I would fit in very well, we would all learn together. I also had accepted the fact that being who I was, those around me would just be a bit uncomfortable until they got to know me. It didn't work out that way though, however one person aboard ship took me for who I was and not my title. That person was the Captain.

The first few months were rough and lonely, however once every two weeks the Captain would spend time reviewing my performance and giving me training in shipboard operation. The Captain and I became close, on my sixteenth birthday; she called me to her quarters and confirmed my suspicions that I'd been feeling for a couple of months. She in fact was my Gene Donor. I was elated and excited.

We spent most of the evening discussing as much as she could tell me about how I came into being; from that discussion I realized I was a Daughter of Love. My heart sang although I could tell no one of this, I still knew and so did the Captain.

Delktou Spaceport

One morning the Captain summoned me to the bridge she assigned me a cilique and instructed me to precede to the Delktou Spaceport where I was to retrieve a Count that we were going to transport back to the Capital. It seemed a pretty simple task, it was my second time solo from the ship and the trip was all in normal space. So there would be no need to generate a space-time bubble and travel in plane space. I left the Gosroth and arrived at the spaceport without incident.

Little did I know my life would not be the same again, that's when I met him.

He was a Count of a system the Empire had annexed about eight years earlier. I expected a stuffy, old, Boring person. However he was about my age and the best thing was he had no idea who I was. I went to salute him, he thought I was going to hit him and he blocked it, although he said different, I now know better.

We had an adventure while we were at the spaceport it was exciting.

I was amazed at his total lack of knowledge concerning spaceships, he thought the cilique was the Gosroth!

The trip back to the Gosroth had its moments; I finally had a discussion with another living being, who had accepted me for who I was, not for who I could become. It was going to be short lived though. I returned him to the Gosroth, the ships company greeted him, again he was shocked at this greeting. We parted company, and a couple of hours later I was called to escort him back to his quarters. When I picked him up everything had changed. Somebody on the bridge had told him who I was.  Now he followed me, trembled at the sound of my voice, and then he addressed me improperly. I was furious!

An isolated gangway was where I decided to confess to him and set him straight.  I turned to him and told him he was the first person in my sixteen years of life to address me as a person, not a member of royalty, it had been very hard not having any friends who didn't know of my social status.

He then asked a few questions and stated he wanted to call me by my first name always. I toyed with him for a few moments to make sure he was sincere in his expression, he was.
From then on I would call him Jinto and he would call me Lafiel!  I escorted him to his quarters where we talked like old friends it was very enjoyable. The time came for me to return to my duties and he to his studies. We planned to see each other again.


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