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All About Me!
Written by Diaho   
Aug 06, 2007 at 09:26 PM

My World Turned Upside Down.

It had been five days since we left Delktou.
Traveling in plane space always afforded me an opportunity to learn.
I was doing just that when the Captain came on the ships intercom system.
Her announcement would forever change all of our lives.
It seemed vessels were headed in our direction these vessels were not Abh they belonged to the United Mankind.

The Captain figured we would have to fight our way to the Capital, and she was right.
After the message I was contacted and asked to bring Jinto to the bridge with me.
As always I followed orders, arriving on the bridge the Captain instructed me to stay
while she talked with Jinto, which I did.

What happened next infuriated me, she ordered me to take the communications shuttle,
leave the Gosroth with Jinto, the ships logs and head for Clasbul, from there we could get transportation to the Capital. For a moment I became that Royal Princess that didn't want to leave, I said some rather harsh things to the Captain.

With stern yet gentle eyes the Captain informed me I would follow her orders or face the consequences of my actions.  I swallowed hard, apologized and accepted my duty. She told me to go prepare the ship and contact her by radio when I was ready.  She bid me a loving farewell; she knew then we would never see each other again.  I left the bridge Jinto joined me several minutes later with a few belongings, the ships logs and two laser pistols with extra power packs.

We left the Gosroth and headed for Clasbul. I had no idea what lay before us all I was feeling was a sense of abandonment, I still felt like I was running away from the battle, and being a coward.
The first part of the trip was in dead silence, and then Jinto made a valiant attempt to take my mind off things. It almost worked.

I expressed my disappointment at having to leave the Gosroth, Jinto took it the wrong way in his mind he figured he wasn't worth my time.
I had to explain all of my feelings to him and confess something I think he already knew that the Captain was in fact my Gene Donor.

Earlier Jinto had told me his mother died when he was very little.
I didn't know how to react to that then, but now knowing in my heart that I might not see the Gosroth or Captain Lexshu again I began to feel what he had felt.
It was time to exit plane space and refuel.
I hope it would be a short stay in this Febdash territory.

The Battle of Febdash.

What should have been a simple refueling stop turned into a situation
where Jinto and I were held against our will by the Baron of this territory.
With the help of his vassals and his father the former Baron we were able to regain
our freedom, that freedom came at a very high price.
I had to killed the Baron to gain our freedom.
It was something I had never done before; it left me inwardly feeling very sick.

With the former Barons help we gather enough fuel to make it to Clasbul.
I hoped we would arrive before the enemy ships did.
I wondered if Gosroth was all right? We departed as soon as we were refueled.

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