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All About Me!
Written by Diaho   
Aug 06, 2007 at 09:26 PM

Clasbul (I've never set foot on a surface world before!)

We had lost so much time at Febdash my worst fears were facing me.
The radar showed a number of ships surrounding Clasbul and several ships moving to intercept us. Before I could think straight the approaching ships launched mines towards us. Maneuvering away from them we found ourselves in normal space quite a ways from Clasbul. The station on Clasbul finally answered our hail, only to inform us we were on our own; the station was about to be over run.

Low on fuel and no refueling station in sight I decided to make a bold (dumb) move. I'd take this unarmed shuttle and my civilian passenger into battle. Jinto fiercely disagreed with my decision and finally convinced me that going to the surface world was our only hope for survival. This shuttle was never designed to land or leave from a surface world. Our only hope was to do an emergency landing, which meant we would be stranded on the surface world forever.

Neither one of us had endured this kind of landing before it scared us both. We survived the landing and were in a cornfield. Securing the escape capsule and bidding the A.I. unit farewell we ventured off into the night. The stress of landing was one thing; this gravity of the surface world was another. It pulled unrelentingly at me, slowing my movements and causing me to tire rapidly.

I guess Jinto and I failed to have one discussion. I blame myself for what happened next,  my bodily functions announced that they had to relieve themselves. I tried to excuse myself from Jinto however it didn't sink in. He became very insistent on the two of us staying together. Finally I lashed out at him and hid in the cornfield telling him to stay put and not to follow me with either his body or his eyes. I embarrassed the daylights out of both of us, however there were three other things he did that made me even madder.

The first night we stopped and rested I fell into a very deep sleep only to awaken and find Jinto gone, no note, nothing. I panicked, and then I heard someone entering the cave. I could sense it was Jinto but I decided to teach him a lesson here and now. When he approached me I drew down on him with my laser pistol it was set to kill. Needless to say I scared the very life from him. We had a conversation about going off and leaving me without telling me first. I don't think he'll do that again.

The second night we stopped outside a village it had been decided earlier that we needed to go towards civilization. Staying in the cornfields was not the best way to survive and we had to survive. Jinto decided to go into town alone because he said we need different outfits and the way I was presently dressed, I'd stand out too much? I'll be the first to admit that I'm a good-looking Princess; all of my people have remarkable beauty but a disguise? I accepted his statement and told him to get back soon. He left and somewhere while he was gone I decided to trust him while we were on this strange world.

When he returned my faith in him became shaken. He had bought clothes, which I figured I could wear over my uniform.  I was wrong not over but instead of my uniform. There wasn't a lot to the sundress he bought, or the shoes although they did fit well. Then there was this large floppy hat; he figured it would cover my sensory organ which it did and my family trade mark ears those it hid too. But there was something else I was very proud of that needed to be hidden. Jinto produced a spray can even though I couldn't read it, the pictures told the tale. I was to dye my beautiful blue hair, Black!

I protested LOUDLY, it was to no avail; Jinto convinced me that if I didn't dye my hair we would be immediately arrested. I though he was making me do this to satisfy some evil desire he had, however once in town I saw a broadcast where the enemy were detaining anyone with blue hair, I'm glad I dyed it.

On our way to town Jinto and I had a discussion about the third thing that really bothered me. I was beginning to feel like he had become my guardian, that I was a child that couldn't be left alone for any length of time without his supervision, foolishly I stated my desire to no longer be a burden to him and my desire for the two of us to part company here and now.

I figured he would throw his hands in the air and be glad to be rid of me.  However his response to my actions was nothing like I figured it would be.
He proceeded to tell me that we both need each other that he could not survive in space without me and I could not survive on the surface world without him, the amount of pride in his voice and the carefully chosen words lead me to believe he really did have our best interest at heart. I gave in and accepted his advice and help while we were on this strange world.

What happened next surprised both of us.

These three males in what Jinto called a hover car stopped and tried to detain us.
I managed to get my pistol free and we subdued them.
Then we took their car and all of their money.
This was my first act of criminal aggression and it was fun.
Jinto managed to get the hover car going, the next thing I know we are speeding across countryside the wind blowing my hair everywhere.
I so wanted to remove the hat and let my hair fly free but I decided not to.

We reached a big city, hid the car, found lodging, although cramped, it did have a working shower, to my relief. Our plan was to spend a few days there. We figured by then the Star Forces would have retaken this surface world and we could return to them.

The best-laid plans never go as planned, a resistance group tried to capture us, instead we captured them. They did have something we needed, a safer hiding place, or so we thought, it was not to be, the enemy was looking for us as well and it all came to a big confrontation where many lives were lost.
The surface world authorities finally apprehended Jinto and I. It was a short confinement; those who tried to take us in the first place rescued us.

A side note. After the surface world authorities apprehended us an enemy solider tried to take Jinto and I away. Jinto valiantly defended me to the point of taking a bullet in his shoulder. Upon later reflection that bullet was meant for me and would have taken my life. I never properly thanked Jinto for the heroic effort.

Our previous captors, now our new friends, sent us back to space, in a very crude ship (they called it a coffin). We were rescued and sent to the Capital. It was there I learned of Gosroth's fate and that we were at war .

I was not the only one, who had suffered personal losses,
Jinto had lost his territory and his father had been assassinated.
I still had one parent, he now had none he never showed any emotion.
I on the other hand had quite an emotional outburst over losing Captain Lexshu.
An outburst, which is forbidden to be seen by anyone.
It’s hard at times being who I am.

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