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All About Me!
Written by Diaho   
Aug 06, 2007 at 09:26 PM


Moving Forward

It was time to go forward with our lives.
My captain's school awaited me and Jinto's accounting school awaited him.
I told him if he did well in school.
I'd invite him to join my crew when I was assigned my ship.
He agreed to my request, I gave him a cat to keep him company, the three years we would be separated. I hoped the cat would keep my memory alive, It did.

The Basroil and the Battle of Aptic Gate.

Three years later I command an attack ship.
Fast and maneuverable, but lightly armed.
We stay in groups of six for maximum effectiveness.

Jinto is at my side along with three other officers, separated from the rest of the crew, we are in our own little world. This was my first battle although I ended up losing the ship
I did manage to save a few lives, including Jinto's.  Now I feel a little better about Clasbul.

Lobnas II

The war continues however I get assigned a duty most officers detest.
Administrator of a planetary system. Admiral Bebaus assigned me this duty.
Unfortunately he forgot to provide some important details about the system.

Lobnas planetary system and in particular the surface world of Lobnas II was where the United Mankind housed its worst criminals. This lack of information, coupled with my inexperience, caused the needless loss of many lives on the planet. Through a complex set of circumstances I was force to leave one member of my crew behind on the surface of Lobnas II. That crewmember was supply officer Jinto Lynn.

Our evacuation from the planetary system was filled with problems too.
To keep Jinto's promise, I stayed in the system longer than I should of.
With an approaching enemy force and a small force to protect us.
I caused an unnecessary battle to happen, our losses were enormous.

Once the fighting had subsided I took a leave from the Star Forces and mounted an expedition to return to Lobnas II. There was one thing I was after, Jinto.

Luck was on my side Jinto was found on death's door but still alive.
I had another one of those forbidden emotional moments, and I didn't care.

Recovery, Restoration of taken territory and the future.

I got Jinto back to the Capital to recover; I took station duty so I could keep an eye on him. In the meantime the Star Forces were regaining territory lost when the war started. Soon, Jinto's territory was in the hands of the Empire. I took leave to accompany him to his home.

I thought I would get to see his home, which never happened. He made an agreement with his home, which left him at a grave disadvantage. He could only stay ten days with in the system and never step foot on his home world or contact his subjects. In return his home world agreed to become part of the Empire, although independently governed. This was unheard with in the Empire, a Count without subjects, only allowed certain amount of time in his domain. His decision was felt to the Jade Throne itself.

I've grown fond of Jinto although I have trouble expressing my feelings to him.  Now that his ordeal at his home is over, it is time for me to continue my destiny.

I've been offered command of a new type of ship, the attack frigate, it's larger than the Basroil yet smaller than a patrol ship it at first seems awkward, I'll get use to it I guess. My crew, there is one member from the Basroil aboard and of course Jinto is by my side. I now look forward to whatever the future holds.



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