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My Friends
Written by Diaho   
Sep 30, 2007 at 11:00 PM

My training officer said, "You never make friends with the ones you serve with." I understood then what he was saying, however the bridge officers of my first command have all become dear friends of mine.




On the left is Decca Commander Ekuryua. Her calm poker face hides a fiercely competitive soul. To my surprise there was not anything I asked of her that she didn't do. I have found out recently she does have a tendency to fly very fast and in a extremely reckless manner. She is now the navigator aboard my latest command.


In the middle is Commander Sobbash. She is the professional soldier, there are rumors that before the Star Forces she was a successful merchant which gained her great wealth. If that is true she never shared that fact with me. Sobbash and I have no problem talking which is good. Because she is now Chief of Staff to my new squadron commander. Seems like I'll get to deal with her on a daily basis.  


On the right is Samson, a lander who came to space to make his fortune and wound up in the middle of a war. His sense of humor is different from Jinto's and unlike most landers he does not fear me. He does respect me, this is true and because of his actions he has my respect as well. He gave of his own time to help me retrieve Jinto from Lobnas II. He is presently retired from the Star Forces and heads the team that is building Jinto's fuel depot in the Hyde system.


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