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The Star Forces
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Aug 06, 2007 at 10:04 PM

Lodaïrh (shoushi) of cheüas or higher ranks are called fsœtdoriac (chokunin-shoushi, Personal Flyer) who, judging from the kanji, are personally appointed by the Emperor. They are allowed to wear almfac matbrar (souyoku-toukan, double-winged tiara) as well as items, which indicates their family.

 Not surprisingly the names of the ranks have some historic meanings. In the early days of the Abh's history, their main force consisted of small flying machines with one to three soldiers in each. Its leader (and controller at the same time) was called lodaïrh (Flyer). Four such machines formed the smallest combat unit, in which the commander flew at the top followed by the sub-commander. The two other machines guarded both sides.

 They were thus called "Front Flyer", "Rear Flyer" and "Wing Flyer". Then two such units were combined under the control of an upper rank officer. As the officer had his own assistant, this larger unit consisted of ten machines (4+4+1+1). So the commander was called "Deca-Commander". When the Abh's territory was the spaceship Ablïarsec alone, they had roughly one hundred - two hundred machines. So the commander of the entire force was called "Hecto-Commander".

 As the Star Forces grew bigger, an even higher rank was needed and called "Kilo-Commander" although by this time the number "one thousand" was merely symbolic.

 After the establishment of the Empire, the Abh began to use carriers and the rank of "Admiral" was created to be the leader of a carrier unit. Further growth of the Star Forces lead to the formation of fleets, which lead to the creation of the even higher ranks, "Admiral of the Fleet" and "Chief Admiral" (gensui, Spainec). Around this time, a new problem occurred.

 The Empire had to rule an ever-growing number of planets but this duty did not suit the Star Forces. The Army was created for this purpose and an Army Admiral took its overall command. The original now became "Imperial Field Marshall" and to supervise both the Star Forces and Army, the rank of "Imperial Fleet Admiral" was created.

But the period of the two forces was short lived. Because of its nature, the Army was almost solely made of landers. Although they were treated as Abh, it didn't satisfy them. Eventually a coup d'état happened. It was the biggest civil war in the history of the Empire and was named "Rebellion of Ghimrÿar (Robuchoth Ghimrÿar)" after its leader. The Empire suppressed it eventually but at an enormous cost. The Army was immediately disbanded but the two ranks "Imperial Fleet Admiral" and " Imperial Field Marshal " remained.


The outline for the Ranking and Organization charts complements: nonchan . The information there in is complied from his sources, the official technical manuals and information from the Tokyopop novels.

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