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The Star Forces
Written by Project Lafiel Staff   
Aug 06, 2007 at 10:04 PM


 There are as many as 15 Sections in Labule. 

Abh Language


Top Rank





Flying Section

Imperial Admiral


Administration Section

Administration Admiral*


Ground Section

Ground Admiral*


Medical Section

Medical Admiral*


Technical Section

Technical Admiral*


Police Section

Admiral of the Fleet


Law Section

Admiral of the Fleet


Nursing Section

Admiral of the Fleet


Maintenance Section


faziac roubonr

Weaponry Section


faziac harr

Shipyard Section


faziac sér

Machinery Section


faziac datycirir

Computer Section



Route Section



Music Section


 * These correspond to " Imperial Fleet Admiral " in the Flying Section.

 Among them garéc (hishou-ka, The Flying Section) is the most important by far. In fact, as one can imagine, it was the Labule itself in early days and the other sections (called Special Sections) were created later as Labule became bigger and more complicated. Although both the royalty (fasanzœrh) and the peerage (simh) must serve in the Star Forces as mentioned above, the former must join the Flying Section, which is directly involved in combat. This is why I am in the Flying Section while Jinto can be in the Administration Section (shukei-ka, sazoïc). Yet we Ablïarsec tend to think it is our right, not duty, to be in the most dangerous part of the battlefield.

The outline for the Ranking and Organization charts complements: nonchan . The information there in is complied from his sources, the official technical manuals and information from the Tokyopop novels.

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