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The Star Forces
Written by Project Lafiel Staff   
Aug 06, 2007 at 10:04 PM


Just like a contemporary navy, the Star Forces uses a variety of ship types. There are eleven distinct ship types in use in their fleets.


Cruisers (junsatsukan, Résic)

These are the main force of the Star Forces. They are middle-sized and have electromagnetic cannons (denji-toushahou, Irgyuf), which discharge nuclear-fusion bombs (kakuyuugou-dan, spytec) at very high speed. These are particularly powerful because all military ships can create defensive magnetic fields (bougyo-jiba, Sneseb) that can repel, at least partially, beam weapons like anti-proton or laser cannons.

Fleets that solely consist of cruisers are called reconnaissance fleets (teisatsu bunkantai, ïadbyrec usaimr). This is because their high firepower and good speed are needed for aggressive reconnaissance of hostile areas.


Destroyers (totsugekikan, gairh)

These are small offensive ships whose main weapon is an anti-proton cannon (han'youshihou, lunygh). Their smaller size means that they are faster than cruisers in the planar universe but considerably weaker in the ordinary universe (that is, within a space-time bubble). Thus they usually team up to attack cruisers.


Guard Ships (goeikan, laitec)

These are small ships equipped with a number of laser cannons. Their main role is to protect their fleet from homing mines.


Line-of-Battle Ships (senretsukan, alaicec)

These large ships are similar to carriers in the modern navy and are vulnerable by themselves. Their main role is long-range battles in the planar universe where their large payload of homing mines (Hoskath) are extremely powerful.


Attack Frigate

These vessels lie in-between the cruisers and destroyers in size. Although not as maneuverable as a destroyer their firepower matches that of a cruiser. I command one of these after Jinto and I leave Martine.


Transport Ships (yusoukan, issazec)

These are huge, unarmed ships for carrying personnel and goods.


Assault Transport Ships (kyoushuu-yusoukan, lussomiac)

Unlike ordinary transport ships, this type of ship carries personnel and material between the space and ground. The name "assault" probably came from the fact that the ground they are landing on is often hostile. As the Star Forces and the Empire are not particularly interested in governing the surface of planets, their involvement would immediately suggest that things are going pretty badly on the planet.


Communication Ship (renrakukan, longiac)

These are lightweight ships designed to move very quickly in the planar universe. Communication boats (remarketed, parries), similar to the one that Jinto and I took from the Gosroth to Safugnoff, may be used for the same purpose but longiac are equipped with better accommodation and are suitable for carrying VIPs as well as information.


Hospital Ship (chiryoukan, ghasiac)

Engineering Ship (kousakukan, gusiac)


Training Ship (renshuukan, craiïagac)


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