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The Star Forces
Written by Project Lafiel Staff   
Aug 06, 2007 at 10:04 PM



Hoskath (Mines)

Sates gor hoksat, more commonly known as hoksath or spacetime mines, are self-propelled guided projectile ordinance with antimatter payloads. Hoksath are deployed from starships, and are used by both the Labule and the forces of the Four Nations Alliance . Each hoksath is equipped with a flasatia (spacetime bubble creation engine), making them capable of independent navigation in fath . Because of this, they are generally used in long-range fath combat and are often deployed in large numbers with the intent of overwhelming enemy fleets. The antimatter that each hoksath contains serves a dual purpose: payload and fuel. Consequently, a hoksath becomes less volatile the further it travels. When carried aboard Labule vessels, hoksath are not loaded with antimatter fuel as this would violate safety regulations. They are filled with fuel just before launch. Generally, hoksath are very versatile and can be used as defensive or offensive ordinance.


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