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The Star Forces
Written by Project Lafiel Staff   
Aug 06, 2007 at 10:04 PM


Sneseb (Defensive Magnetic Field)

A sneseb, or defensive magnetic field, is a electromagnetic plasma barrier generated by starships that provides protection against directed energy weapons and some physical projectiles. It consists of an electromagnetic field that contains plasma. It is capable of blocking laser and antiproton weaponry, as well as any physical ordinance that does not generate its own defensive field. As of Imperial Year 952, a sneseb aboard a Lauth-class resii was capable of completely deflecting an antiproton blast, but could not withstand sustained antiproton fire. In addition, the aforementioned sneseb was observed blocking part of a more powerful antiproton blast (United Mankind assault ship main gun, yield unknown), but a portion of the blast passed through the shield and damaged the ship.

Technical note: Current sneseb technology was developed to be capable of blocking spyut fired from irgyuf . However, United Mankind ships do not currently use irgyuf, nor do their sneseb employ plasma. Consequently, United Mankind sneseb are incapable of blocking physical projectiles. Also, sneseb are not effective against hoskath, since they generate their own defensive magnetic field (albeit without a plasma component). Labule ships use mobile gun batteries (both laser and antiproton) to intercept hoskath.  


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