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Planets (Surface Worlds)
Written by Ekuryua   
Aug 06, 2007 at 11:01 PM



Martine: This world, located in the Hyde solar system, is the homeworld of Jinto. It is notable for having its own indigenous life (non-sentient flora and fauna) before it was colonized by pre-Frybar humans aboard the Yuanon-powered generational colony ship Leif Erickson. These humans, descendents of English-speaking Earth natives, built only one massive city on the planet, keeping their expansion to a minimum in order to preserve Martine’s unique ecosystem.

One hundred two years after colonization, the Leif Erickson (which was abandoned but still in orbit around Martine) exploded as its Yuanon changed form and became a full-fledged Sord Gorlark. It wasn’t long before a Labule armada came through this newly-opened Sord. Lead by Rue Spen Dusanyu, the Frybar demanded the immediate surrender and integration of the Hyde solar system into the Frybar Gloer Gor Bari. Faced with the overwhelming military might of the Labule fleet, Martinese President Rock Lin (Jinto’s father) surrendered. He traded Hyde’s space defense network codes for the right to become the count of Hyde and the de facto ruler of Martine. This greatly angered the Martinese population.

After the Battle of Safugnoff (see Frybar/FNA Conflict), the Four Nations Alliance captured Hyde. Rock Lin was executed and Teal Clint, Rock Lin’s former aide, was put into power. When the Frybar liberated Hyde from enemy occupation, Teal Clint retained power on the planet, and Martine was reintegrated peacefully in exchange for Jinto’s permanent exile from Martine. Despite this, Jinto has set up a fuel processing plant around the Hyde star in the hopes of establishing a source of steady income for himself. This will include repayment of my father's loan to him.


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