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The Twenty-Nine Clans of Abh
Written by Project Lafiel Staff   
Sep 07, 2007 at 10:19 PM

 Star map 29 clans


Originally, thirty Abh were created. One was lost during last minute training, and the remaining 29 left the mother space-city and eventually became independent from their creators. These 29 Abh were the founders of the original 29 clans. Here, I give you a brief introduction to their names and characteristics.

Originally, there was no concept of "clans". Each of 29 Abh’s had a specific task to take care of on the ship, and as the population grew, children naturally took part in their parents' tasks. And eventually it was settled that each clan would be in charge of certain tasks. This was the start of the clans. However, as more and more new clans are established, it became meaningless to classify a clan by what kind of tasks it had. Also, the leader of each clan, who had been the commander of the tasks of the clan, became nothing more than a symbolic figure.

An exception to this was Ablïarsec, which later became the Royal clan of the Empire.

The name Ablïarsec came from Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun in ancient Japanese myth. The other 28 are named after the constellations in 28 Seishuku (note: roughly means 28 constellations. It is widely adopted in astrology.)

Through out this article you will find the word üaritec used it is defined as follows:

üaritec, is a physical characteristic that members from the same clan share. Abh's are allowed to have such genetic manipulation as long as the "guidelines" are not violated. For example, their hair color cannot be red or yellow, while dark green or deep purple are allowed.


Ablïarsec [abljars]


Clans arranged by seasons:


East (Blue Dragon, Spring)

Ruc [ru] Aimh [ɛf] Lomh [lof] Loepoess [lœpœs] Dachoc [daʃo] Aislairec [ɛslɛr] Biboth [biboθ]


South (Red Bird, Summer)

Tlich [tliʃ] Lamcoemec [lamkœm] Duneucec [dunøk] Cotponic [kotponi] Lineucec [linøk] Larych [laryʃ] Beussaicec [bøsɛk]

West (White Tiger, Fall)

Losaich [losɛʃ] Tlaimh [tlɛf,] Sosïéc [sosie] Spaurh [spɔʀ] Aimenyrh [ɛmənyʀ] Snoech [snœʃ] Sarrych [saryʃ]


North (Black Tortoise, Winter)

Cilych [kilyʃ] Idaimh [idɛf] Nych [nyʃ] Lobitec [lobit] Fimegaimec [fiməgɛm] Calyc [kaly] Dabaimec [dabɛm]

North and East Clans complements: seikai

Southern and Western clans plus any changes to seikai's work are derived from the seikai readers.

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