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The Twenty-Nine Clans of Abh
Written by Project Lafiel Staff   
Sep 07, 2007 at 10:19 PM


The name Ablïarsec came from Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun in ancient Japanese myth. This clan was responsible for space navigation during the Grand Roaming Era. During that time all of the Abh clans were on a single spaceship called Ablïarsec. The leader of the clan would act as the king of the ship, and he/she would control where they would go next, as well as the distribution of the tasks to the other clans when needed. In a battlefield, the king was also the commander of the entire Abh fleet.
After the Empire was founded, while the other clan leaders' positions became no more than honorary posts, the leader of Ablïarsec ruled over the entire Abh as an Emperor. There were eight Royal families: Scirh, ïrich, Üescoc, Barcéc, Lasisec, Balgzédéc, Chülgzédéc, and Crybh. The name of Ablïarsec was only to be used by the Royal families. Not only the clan name, but the family name, néïc was for the exclusive use by these Royal families. Those who were branched from the direct descendant used bausec.
Only an Ablïarsec is allowed to have the pointy ears as üaritec. Ablïarsec were known to easily lose their temper and tended to resort to violence for a solution; therefore, those from this clan were considered to be the most "Abh-like" among all the Abh clans.


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