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Elukufa (Milky Way Galaxy)
Written by Ekuryua   
Sep 14, 2007 at 12:01 AM




The Elukufa, also known as the Milky Way Galaxy, is a type SBC barred spiral galaxy consisting of approximately four hundred billion stars. It is approximately one hundred thousand light years in diameter, three hundred thousand light years in circumference and one thousand light years thick (with the exception of the galactic core, which is thicker). The galaxy is structured with a barred galactic core at the center which is orbited by four large spiral arms and at least two smaller spiral arms. [Structure of the Elukufa and its Arms.] The center of the galactic core is widely believed to contain a supermassive black hole.

According to current knowledge, the Elukufa’s sole sentient species is humanity, and it is the only galaxy known to support life. Politically, the Elukufa is divided amongst five separate nations: the Frybar Gloer Gor Bari , the United Mankind , the Hania Federation , the Republic of Greater Alcont and the People’s Sovereign Union of Planets . The latter four nations, as per the Nova Sicilia Treaty , are members of the Four Nations Alliance . [Political Map of the Elukufa.]

The Frybar currently rules fifteen thousand inhabited star systems and twenty thousand other star systems. Since the Four Nations Alliance is not forthcoming with statistical information concerning their population, we can only guess combined that they rule over approximately the same amount of star systems. This would bring the total number of fully inhabited star systems in the Elukufa to a rough estimate of three thousand.

The Elukufa exists concurrently with an alternate universe known as fath . These two universes are linked by sord , of which the Elukufa contains approximately thirty billion. These sord are arranged in twelve concentric rings, extending outwards from a cluster of central sord. Each ring contains the same number of sord. At the edge of the twelfth ring is a cluster of anomalous sord that is widely believed to lead to another galaxy.

Beyond the facts and figures, the Elukufa holds a special significance for my people. Since we do not claim any land world as our home, we find our place among the stars of the galaxy. In a broad sense, the Elukufa is our home… a home we will fight to protect.


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