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The United Mankind
Written by Ekuryua   
Sep 14, 2007 at 12:08 AM



The United Mankind

“Who are the Abh? Collectively, the Abh are a machine. They do not value their children, except as replacement parts. What is this machine? It is the Humankind Empire of Abh, which is a continual threat to wholesome human society. If we do not stop this machine, it will devour all other human societies. Therefore, the Abh must be destroyed.”
--Congressperson Fitzdavid speaking to the United Mankind Central Council

The United Mankind is an interstellar nation and a member of the Four Nations Alliance . They are the nation which initiated hostilities against the Frybar by attacking and destroying the Resii Gosroth, although they claim it was the Gosroth who attacked their ships. Their government is entirely intent on the destruction of the Abh and the Frybar, as is evident in their propaganda.

During the occupation of Clasbul, I learned a great deal about the United Mankind. Their occupying ground forces were particularly brutal, and were not hesitant to send innocent citizens to internment camps merely because they held positions in the Clasbul government or belonged to a particular political party. They broadcast their propaganda nonstop, denouncing the Abh as nothing more than soulless machines. They also refer to planetary governments under the Frybar as nothing more than ‘slave democracies’, and insist that only under their rule can a planet achieve ‘true democracy’. They also condemn genetic engineering. To justify these beliefs, they cite their faith in ‘morals’ and ‘god’.

The United Mankind is motivated by only one thing: hatred. They hate the Abh, and will not stop until they have destroyed us all. This is the face of our enemy… the face of hatred.

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