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The planar universe exists almost independently from the ordinary universe (tsuujou-uchuu, dadh), where we live. The two universes are connected only through the "Sords" (mon, saudec), which are spread over the galaxy. As you can imagine, the Sords are strategically very important.

In the ordinary universe, these Sords assume one of the two possible states. An open Sords look like a sphere emitting dim light and can be used as the gateway to and from the planar universe. On the other hand a closed Sord looks like a particle releasing a large amount of energy. The closed Sords used to be called Yuanon and were used as the energy source of interstellar ships but, after their use as a Sord was discovered, this became rare. As some of you may have noticed, the fact above means a closed Sord is transportable.

The distance between two Sords across the ordinary universe is independent from that in the planar universe. So two Sords, which are very far from each other in the ordinary universe, may be very close together in the planar universe.

The state of a Sord is not fixed. Putting an excess amount of energy into it can open a closed Sord. On the other hand, if an open Sord is left alone without any supply of energy, it will decay back into its closed form with a half-life of 12 years.

In contrast to the dynamic nature of the Sords in the ordinary universe, the Sords are unchanged in the planar universe and look like a distorted spiral. Also it seems no one has succeeded in moving Sords in the planar universe.

It should be noted that, when a ship goes into a Sord, it doesn't know which part of the Sord it will come out of in the other universe. That is, even if two ships go in side-by-side, there is no guarantee that they will come out of the Sord side-by-side.


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