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Abh Culture
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Sep 20, 2007 at 08:23 PM



An Abh's name consists of four parts; clan name, family name, title and given name.
For example, my full name can be divided as:

Ablïarsec + néïc Dobreuscr + Bœrh Parhynr + Lamhirh


Clan Name

This is rarely changed and throughout the long history of the Abh has become handed down with the family line. Consequently as clans have diverted, having the same clan name doesn't mean having a similar social position at all.

For example, the clan of Spaurh includes a wide range of people from a Great Duke (nimh) to a normal knight (reucec).

The Imperial Family is, however, an exception. Those who are not the heir to a King are no longer regarded as a member of the Imperial Family when they grow up. Thus they are forbidden to use the clan name, Ablïarsec, and will be given a new clan name instead.


Family Name

This indicates which family among the clan one belongs to. The family name begins with a family title (sei-shougou, sapainec) of which there are six; one (néïc) for the royalty, three (bausec, arounn and ssynec) for the peerage and two (üémh and borgh) for the knights. Descendants of the Imperial Family use bausec, arounn and üémh indicate that the family existed before the establishment of the Empire.

Thus those who have the family title of either, néïc, bausec, arounn or üémh can claim descent from one of Abh's 29 Clans of the Origin , whereas new Abh whose origin is a lander only uses baurgh. Things are a little complicated for ssynec as both of üémh and baurgh can be promoted to ssynec.

It may be noted that, at least for the royalty, the "family name" is different from the name of family. For example, my family is called Crybh but her family name is Dubleuscr. The author gives no explanation for this. I think it is derived from the name of its founder. For example, Jinto's family is founded by his father, Rock, thus the family name is Rocr. Also Samson Tirusec, who has just become an Abh, has the family name of Tiruser.


Title (if any)

Only the royalty and peerage have a title. Hereditary nobles have a similar title to those in Britain, that is, the title and the name of their territory (say Duke of Kent). So I am the Viscount of Parynh (Bœrh Parhynr, "Parynr" is the possessive case for "Parynh"). On the other hand, life peers, who don't have any territory, use "Empire (title)", such as Empire Viscount (teikoku-shishaku, Rüé Bœrh).


Given Name

As with most cultures on Earth now, the given name is usually "given" by one's parent.

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