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Klanyu (Laser Pistol)
Written by Ekuryua   
Sep 29, 2007 at 10:36 PM



Klanyu (Laser Pistol)

"Compared to Lafiel's menacing-looking, flesh-searing Klanyu, the men's Ribwasia were just toys, both in appearance and damage potential."


The klanyu, also known as the laser pistol or light source pistol, is a one-handed directed energy weapon employed by the Frybar . The klanyu produces coherent photonic radiation in the form of a klanraj (laser beam), which is capable of injuring or killing a human being if properly aimed.

A standard klanyu is equipped with a safety switch that has three settings: disabled, asertaf and uultaf. Asertaf, also known as illumination mode, produces a harmless beam of light that can be used as a source of illumination in dark areas. Uultaf, or shooting mode, fires a fully coherent klanraj that can burn flesh or melt metal.

Yapeil, also known as light source magazines, are the primary source of power for klanyu. When a yapeil is depleted, it needs to be replaced or the weapon will be useless. Yapiel also have a secondary function; they have a ‘grenade mode' which causes them to explode with devastating force.

Canon Conflict: In the English translation of the third Crest of the Stars novel, klanraj are explicitly stated to travel at the speed of light and be invisible to the human eye, as is typical of laser radiation. However, in the television series, they are depicted as blue sublight beams of energy, probably for dramatic reasons. Since the book is considered higher canon under Project Lafiel's Canon Policy , the article above is written to correspond with the book's depiction.


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