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Frybar / Four Nations Alliance War
Written by Ekuryua   
Sep 30, 2007 at 12:31 AM



Frybar Gloer Gor Bari / Four Nations Alliance Conflict.

The Frybar Gloer Gor Bari / Four Nations Alliance Conflict is an ongoing full-scale war between the Frybar and the Four Nations Alliance concerning the ultimate fate of mankind. Although the Nova Sicily Treaty dictates that all four nations of the alliance should be at war with the Frybar, the Federation of Hania remains neutral and maintains diplomatic ties with the Frybar at this time. The war began in Imperial Year 952 with the surprise attack on the Resii Gosroth in which my mother was killed.

Early in the war, the United Mankind occupied Safugnoff and destroyed the military base and space elevator orbiting that system's only inhabited planet, Clasbul. I happened to be trapped on that planet during the occupation, but that is another story... Needless to say, the Frybar regained control of Safugnoff, but the United Mankind attack turned out to be a diversion for a direct attack on Lakfakalle, the capital of the Frybar. Fortunately, the Spunej had enough foresight to maintain a strong enough Labule presence in Lakfakalle to repel the attack. Both sides were devastated by this battle, however, and the conflict ground to a halt for three years while both sides rebuilt their forces.

The Frybar made the next move in Imperial Year 955. We launched Operation Phantom Flame, a military offensive aimed at linking the kingdoms of Syuruguzede and Raisuiisu and strengthening the Frybar's position. The operation was an initial success, but ultimately met resistance at the Aptic sord, where forces stationed in dath managed to hold off a mine attack long enough for reinforcements to take out the enemy fleet from fath. This victory allowed the Frybar to engage in Operation Hunter, recapturing all the areas lost during the initial phase of the war and allowing us to take the offensive.

What the ultimate outcome of this war will be, no one can say. In any case, the fate of all of humanity rests on the outcome. Are you doing your part to fight for the Frybar?


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