My Family and My Friends

My Family

My family can be broken down into two distinctive parts. First part are those descendants (clans) that bear my family name. I’ll discuss them later. The second is those members that I’m directly related too. They consist of my father , my brother, my grandmother and my great grandmother.

Since the untimely death of my gene donor. I really don’t have a female Abh that I can relate to. These growing up years were very hard, missing her as I do. Although I can never publicly show the sorrow I feel towards her.

You may ask yourself, “Why can’t I show sorrow and tears in public?” The answer is quite simple, my family has prided itself on being cold hearted and ruthless. Emotions that do not show sorrow are allowed. I can be happy, or arrogant, angry, belligerent, cold, calculating, mean and vicious. But to be sorrowful, and cry that is forbidden in public. If I can find somewhere private where I’m not seen then, but lately that has been impossible.

This war has taken many people I know. You have no idea how hard it is to stand emotionless, as someone you knew well is laid to rest.

As with any family structure, the oldest living member is in charge and all others below him or her obey the elders wishes. In my family that order is a little different because my grandmother sits on the Jade Throne as Empress.

With that out of the way. I’ll introduce you to my close family members:

Nisoth Lameima, my great grandmother and former empress of the Empire. My grandmother succeeded her to the throne.

Ramaj , my grandmother and the twenty-seventh Empress of the Empire.

Debeusec , my father and King of the clan.

Duhiel , my brother and hopefully the next Emperor of the Empire from my side of the family.


My Friends

The friends I had before I met Jinto are dead. This war has taken it’s toll, there are days I wonder why I’ve been spared.

After Jinto, the first person I met was Seelnay. She was a vassal of the Baron Febdash. She was instrumental in Jinto and I escaping from his imprisonment. I rewarded her and her friends by setting them up in business as fuel tank inspectors. Seelnay has taken every chance to thank me for my reward. She is presently assisting in building Jinto’s fuel depot in the Hyde system. Although now she’s grown too close to me.


My training officer said, “You never make friends with the ones you serve with.” I understood then what he was saying, however the bridge officers of my first command have all become dear friends of mine.

On the left is Decca Commander Ekuryua. Her calm poker face hides a fiercely competitive soul. To my surprise there was not anything I asked of her that she didn’t do. I have found out recently she does have a tendency to fly very fast and in a extremely reckless manner. She is now the navigator aboard my latest command.

In the middle is Commander Sobbash. She is the professional soldier, there are rumors that before the Star Forces she was a successful merchant which gained her great wealth. If that is true she never shared that fact with me. Sobbash and I have no problem talking which is good. Because she is now Chief of Staff to my new squadron commander. Seems like I’ll get to deal with her on a daily basis.

On the right is Samson, a lander who came to space to make his fortune and wound up in the middle of a war. His sense of humor is different from Jinto’s and unlike most landers he does not fear me. He does respect me, this is true and because of his actions he has my respect as well. He gave of his own time to help me retrieve Jinto from Lobnas II. He is presently retired from the Star Forces and heads the team that is building Jinto’s fuel depot in the Hyde system.


Lastly is Linn Ssynec Rocr Ïarlucec Dreuc Haïder Ghintec. I guess from the first moment he asked me my name. I was convinced he was somebody I wanted to get to know better. Please don’t ask me how I feel about him because I’m not sure myself. I know that being without him is not a pleasant option, I went through that at Lobnas II. However with this war raging, at any moment either one of us could lose our lives. So for now I live for my duty to the Empire, the safety of my crew and the precious time I get to spend with him.


My Photo Album. I’ll add pictures as I find the time.

My Father Debeusec, a person I love and still despise in the same breath. His unorthodox child-rearing that he subjected me to has probably made me a better person. But at times, especially where he is concerned a very bitter one. He currently commands the Light Snow Fleet from the cruiser Jemkau.


My younger brother Duhiel. He has just finished the academy and will start his time in the Star Forces soon. We are very close. I hope some day to have him serve with me.


My grand mother Ramaj, the twenty-seventh Empress of the Abh. She was the one who challenged the Four Nations Alliance to the war we are now involved in. Most of the time she is at the Capital, however this time she was out visiting the troops so to say.


My present Squadron Commander, Commander Atosuryua, Baroness of Febdash. It was her brother I killed while escaping the Febdash territory. She says she has put the subject behind her, however…


Admiral Sparuh, Grand Dutches of Laitpanr. The head of the only family in the Empire with enough power and wealth to challenge for the Jade Throne. Aloof and easily bored I’ve known the Grand Duchess since I was very little. As luck would have it she happened to be the one who rescued Jinto and I from Clasbul. Unfortunately I was not presentable at the time and she took full advantage of the situation. She tried to convince Jinto to serve with her by complementing him on getting me to look and dress as I was. I swear had there been an airlock close by I would have had the last laugh.


The one photo I hold dear to me. Pictured are my father, myself and my gene donor, Lady Plakia. Unfortunately she was killed when the Gosroth was destroyed. I plan on avenging her death someday.