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Shangri-La is set in a dystopian (utopian?) future world, where international trade is governed by a strict carbon tax, based on how much carbon dioxide each nation produces and absorbs. As a result, countries like Japan which have the resources and technology to promote sustainable development enjoy a low tax rate, but overly industrialized third-world countries are taxed so heavily that it severely damages their economies. The carbon industry is run by corrupt corporations like Atlas, who manipulate the market for their own gain. In this world, Kuniko is a free spirit who lives in the overgrown jungle-metropolis of Tokyo, the largest carbon-absorbing city in the world. Recently released from imprisonment by Atlas, Kuniko is now expected to assume leadership of Metal-age, an anti-government group that opposes the carbon tax system. However, being youthful and impulsive, Kuniko does not want this responsibility.

I was impressed with the first episode. It established the world fairly well, although I hope more exposition is present in the upcoming episodes. It was pretty intellectual at points (particularly the carbon business deal scene), but also had some impressive fight scenes. I am particularly intrigued by the environmental themes the show is addressing; it seems to go beyond the typical 'live in harmony with nature' morality play. Overall, it seems like a typical Gonzo show: a healthy mix of brain and brawn, with a strong beginning. It remains to be seen if this show will suffer the Gonzo Curse and fall on it's face halfway through, but I will definitely keep watching it for the time being.
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