Faster Than Light (F.T.L.)

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Faster Than Light (F.T.L.)

Post by Diaho »

"For years we’ve been told that someone who left point A and flew through space to point B at the speed of light,
and then returned to point A would find that it was some god awful number of years later when they returned."
If the above statement is true and Sords do allow for faster than light travel.

How would this affect the Abh?

Factors involved in this discussion:

1. How big is the Empire in light years from boarder to boarder?
2. Are the Sords linear? Are they Wormholes? Are they something else?
3. Can Abh ships archive F.T.L. within Sords? Can they outside of Sords?

Lastly after discussing this in detail. Then how does this affect the Abh in daily life.

For Example: Jinto and Lafiel leave on a mission. Most of it is at F.T.L. speeds.
They were gone about six months but in reality it was closer to eighteen months.

Is this possible?

How would you feel being gone a short period of time in your reality?
Then coming home to find much more time has passed?

Try to keep wild theories to a minimum. Site sources as necessary.

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Re: Faster Than Light (F.T.L.)

Post by FatPianoBoy »

It always seemed to me that distances are shorter in Plane Space - meaning that while you may be able to traverse several lightyears in our universe in only a few hours, your speed never actually exceeds the speed of light due to the two sords being much closer in Planar Space than they are in normal space.

But what do I know?
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Re: Faster Than Light (F.T.L.)

Post by Ekuryua »

The novels seemed to indicate that plane space had different laws of physics than the normal universe. I don't think he ever mentioned its size...

As for other forms of FTL, I doubt they exist. The one interstellar non-plane space faring ship mentioned (the Leif Erickson) was slower than light, but the journey was shortened (for the passengers, anyway) because of relativistic time dilation.
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