Formal Baronh and American Dialect Baronh

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Formal Baronh and American Dialect Baronh

Post by Diaho »

Formal Baronh is from Mr Morioka's original work.
American Dialect Baronh is the recently translated version that Tokyopop used under license from Hayakawa Books.

In this thread we'll discuss the differences.

This can become a volatile topic :flame But it's one that can be discussed logically.

Be Civil.

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Re: Formal Baronh and American Dialect Baronh

Post by Ekuryua »

I prefer American Barohn, since it is used in all the English productions and is easier for native speakers to pronounce. For example, Lafiel's name is pronounced ラフィール, but the Formal Barohn (Lamhirh) makes it seem like it should be pronounced Lamb-ear or Lamb-her. A more contemporary example would be the Japanese capital, 東京 or とうきょう. If transliterated in a manner similar to Formal Barohn, it would be spelled Toukyou (or Tookyoo). However, spelling it Tokyo actually causes Americans to pronounce it closer to the Japanese original.
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