Enculturation the Process of Belonging

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Enculturation the Process of Belonging

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What kinds of enculturation are evident in the Abh society?

What IS Enculturation?

Enculturation is the process whereby an established culture teaches an individual by repetition its accepted norms and values, so that the individual can become an accepted member of the society and find his or her suitable role. Most importantly, it establishes a context of boundaries and correctness that dictates what is and is not permissible within that society's framework.
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One aspect that interestes me is the three stages to become an adult.

1. Spend time in Miltary
2. Spend time as a Merchant
3. Become a Parent!

What does each stage teach you? Being in the miltary and being apart of regular battle I'm sure you learn alot in general ... but what stage teaches you the most? This would depend upon the person I'm sure but I think I would get the most out of becoming a parent... although I'd probably enjoy being in the Miltary more or possibly being a Merchant.
Not that kids aren't great but IT'S SO MUCH WORK. I'd rather take on an entire fleet of the United Mankind than to deal with a screaming 4 year old. :roll:

ok that's enough for this post. YOU GUYS can post and I'll be back.
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