Best Things about Seikai

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Best Things about Seikai

Post by Katz »

I missed this sort of topic...I hope I didn't put this in the wrong area but it is Seikai related...and I didn't notice another topic like this one exactly...

What quote is still your favorite? What facial expression did you like the best in the series? How often does Jinto blush?

Yup - This is for all these quirks that can be found in our favorite series. (Yes, still after all this time it's my favorite!)

In my experience, people who feel as if they aren't special have more to contribute. Feelings of frustration and doubt and the will to overcome these feelings makes you stronger than you could possibly believe.
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Re: Best Things about Seikai

Post by thestich »

I absolutely love Jinto's sarcastic remarks when things are looking bleak.

He may be the best at understatement that has ever been animated, and maybe even live. This is especially true over the length of the series. This is NOT blatant, but is very subtle.

Jinto cracks me up all of the time.

I think that Lafile gets maybe 1/3 of it, but more so as she gets to know Jinto.
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Re: Best Things about Seikai

Post by Diaho »

One day Lafiel will become enlightened as she did in Banner III...

"You'll explain in detail this harem of which you speak." is a classic line in any story.

You have to watch what you discuss with your friends while your special friend is present eh?

"Ah! You don't know my name?
Its very simple, Lafiel you shall say.
In return I'd like to call you Jinto."

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