Small arms and other munitions of empires.

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Small arms and other munitions of empires.

Post by EMRifleman »

Something I've noticed in my time observing the Seikai Universe is that although the Humankind Empire Abh does indeed utilize EM rifles aboard starships, the lack of projectile-based small arms seems to indicate their distaste/lack of interest in ground combat, where it would be potentially effective against armored targets on the ground - in line with their political and grand strategic doctrine of not forcing planets to surrender with orbit-to-surface invasions or occupations as much as simply threatening a planet's government with...consequences.

What small arms the Abh do utilize are energy based. Laser pistols that are not unlike current (21st century Earth) stunning weapons, meant to dazzle, blind or otherwise inconvenience somebody when non-lethal force is preferred. They do have obvious uses in lethal takedowns, as seen apparent in several points during Lafiel and Jinto's adventures, however even their sidearms are focused much like their procedure in annexation. That is to say, subdue and subvert rather than outright invade.

Contrast this with the United Mankind's "peace" forces. They have in several instances seen or are believed to have used projectile weapons in the form of automatic small arms or sidearms, such is as the case wherein Jinto experiences an altercation with a UM intelligence officer. This reflects the UM's focus - to be effective in subduing the population and being ready for ground battles as a prime means to achieve their goals. Not only that, but they have armored personnel carriers and airmobile vehicles which seem to be armored against attacks, as well as UM troops wearing helmets presumably to protect against air-burst munitions or shrapnel.

Am I the only one to have noticed this or does anyone else have points they wish to raise?
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Re: Small arms and other munitions of empires.

Post by Ole_Al »

It's not like we others didn't notice the difference in weapons used but we didn't go too far into the details.

The tactic of entering ships has been out of use for a long time and with the current tech and how battles are a fought, small arms weapons don't have much use in the Star Force. You are right regarding the notion of the UMK's philosophy of suppression/occupation.
As far as the planetary police go they do use tazer and projectile weapons.

From a practical point of view the electron-laser the Abh use is more efficient and has more uses than normal projectile weapons.
As far as destructiveness goes there's only
the explosive effect & penetration of a laser beam vs the kinetic impact and penetration of a projectile (flechette)
IT all comes down to explosiveness vs kinetic for stopping power. Imho bot are about the same.
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