Baronh My Lauguage.

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Baronh My Lauguage.

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Welcome to the academy

Before we get started one will need a few things

1. Ath fonts I recommend this package

2 Doulos SIL Literacy 4.0.14 font {font of the International Phonetic alphabet} download site.

This site is a table of the IPA when you click a letter it plays the sound it represents: ... IPAlab.htm

Lastly Baronh Grammar and Pronunciation.
Protected by copyright.
(141.22 KiB) Downloaded 401 times
Dusanyu's work is a work progress.
The introduction to "The Lexicon of Baronh"
Bear in mind it is rough draft.
He is open to improvement suggestions.
But at this time it is the only source of its type readily available.

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Its very simple, Lafiel you shall say.
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