Site Rules and F.A.Q. (link)

Here on Project Lafiel, I choose to uphold a specific set of rules.
Violate them, and you will find yourself as the object of my wrath.
Trust me, that’s something you DON’T want to do.

1. IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR VIOLATING THEM. These rules can and will be changed on a regular basis to facilitate expansion and clarification. It is your responsibility to check the rules often to be aware of their content.

2. All posts must be on topic. Aside from spam threads, do not post anything that does not relate to the discussion at hand. Do not post random nonsense to be ‘funny’. The place for that is the spam area.

3. Inappropriate language is prohibited. This includes cussing, sexual innuendo, insults, baiting, racism, trolling, flaming and any other behavior the staff deems to be abusive.

4. These boards are PG-13. Anything that contains explicit sexuality, extreme violence, grotesque or disturbing imagery, inappropriate parts of male or female anatomy, or anything else we deem to be in poor taste will be deleted.

5. Linking is allowed. However, any links containing content that violates rule #4 will be deleted. If your link contains cussing, moderate violence or mild innuendo, this is fine, but you must place the phrase (EXPLICIT CONTENT) at the end of the link. Example: Battle Scene from Blood+ (EXPLICIT CONTENT) Do not link to anything that violates a copyright, such as an unofficial fansub or movie torrent.

6. Do not share personal information. This includes your full name, phone number, address, school, place of employment or any other information that could reveal your identity. Posting other people’s personal information, with or without their consent, is also prohibited. These forums are publicly viewable, and posting such information could prove hazardous. If you wish to exchange contact information, you may do so via the PM system.

7. Sexual solicitation or harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited, These forums may have members who have not reached the age of consent, so sexual solicitation, intentional or otherwise, could result in legal action. Always use good judgment and play it safe; if you think it might be inappropriate, it probably is.

8. Any activity that is illegal (internationally, federally or regionally) is forbidden. You are required to follow the laws of your governmental authorities, and these forums are no exception. This includes any and all violations of copyright law.

9. Any advertisements for goods or services are forbidden. This board is not the place to sell your goods or advertise your pornography, medicine, travel site or any other type of for-profit venture.

10. When posting spoilers, always use the spoiler tags. If you’re not sure whether or not something constitutes a spoiler, please refer to the Spoiler Statue of Limitations:

A spoiler is still valid if the original work it comes from from is under a certain age.
–For Movies/Video Games: 1 year or younger
–For Anime/Television: 1 week or younger (6 months for season/series finale spoilers)
–For Books: 5 Years or younger
Modified from

For example, “Gandalf is alive!” is not a spoiler, since the original book (The Two Towers) is over five years old.

11. When commenting on the work or opinions of others, please be constructive in your criticism or praise. Be civil and courteous.

12. Trolling is prohibited. Any posts that violate this rule will be deleted rapidly.

13. Your signature may contain three lines of text (font size Normal or smaller) and one JPEG image no larger than 400 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. This is to prevent overly long signatures or huge images from cluttering up the boards.

14. Your posts must be legible. Remember, there are non-native English speakers who use this site. Avoid excessive use of slang, jargon, unnecessary abbreviations (such as ‘u’ for you), leet speak, grammar errors and spelling errors. Generally, unintentional grammar or spelling errors will be corrected by the staff without incident.

15. The Moderators and Administrators have every right to punish you in any way they see fit for violations of these rules. If a Moderator or Administrator feels you are acting inappropriately, but the violation is not covered in these rules, they still have every right to punish you. Although you will generally be punished in a manner consistent with the warning policy outline below, the Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to levy any punishment they see fit.

16. Should you take issue with the behavior of a Moderator or Admin, feel free to contact them with your grievances IN PRIVATE. This is generally done via e-mail or private message. Openly addressing the issue in the forums is prohibited. Feel free to privately report a Moderator to an Admin, but be aware that the Admin will most likely agree with the Moderator’s judgment.

17. Do not inquire about becoming a Moderator or Admin. If we are interested, we will contact you.In general, we will use the following system to punish those who violate the rules.

1st violation: You will receive a written warning and we will contact you via PM. There will be no other action taken.

2nd violation: Your warning level will be raised to 50% and you will receive another written warning. Should you refrain from further violations, we will lower your warning level after a period of one week.

3rd violation: Your warning level will be raised to 100%. You will receive a written warning and a public write-up in the Enemies of the Empire subforum. An additional punishment, ranging from a temporary suspension to deletion of your account will also be administered. If you have not been banned, your warning level will be lowered after two weeks.

These are guidelines, not absolutions. Should your violation be severe, we reserve the right to bypass any and all steps of this process and administer any punishment we see fit.

Follow the rules, be polite and use common sense, and you have nothing to worry about.



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