The Star Forces

As the Abh are a species that live in space, its Star Forces (seikaigun, Labule) carries a fundamental importance in their society. It is not only a military force but also a political and administrative organization during peacetime. Another fact that testifies to its importance is that it is compulsory for the royalty (kouzoku, fasanzœrh) and the peerage (kizoku, simh) to serve in it for at least thirteen years, including three years in Star Forces schools (shuugikan, cénruc).



The ranks within Labule use this organizational chart:

Glaharerl Rue Byrer             Imperial Fleet Commander-in-Chief
Rue Spen                               Imperial Field Marshal or Imperial Fleet Admiral
Lue spen                                Imperial Admiral
Fofrode                                  Grand Admiral
Spen fazel                              Engineer of Admiral rank
Frode                                      Admiral
Roifrode                                 Vice Admiral

Lesheik                                   Commander
Lesheik Jadbyrar                   Half-fleet commander
Shewas                                   Kilo-Commander
Bomowas                               Hecto-Commander
Roibomowas                         Vice Hecto-Commander
Lowas                                     Deca-Commander
Rowas Skem                          Engineer of Deca-commander rank
Rowas Sazoil                         Administrator of Deca-commander rank

Manowas                               Captain
Luse                                        Second-in-command
Alm Kasalia                            Chief of Staff
Alm kaselia                            Executive officer
Alm drokia                             Senior communications officer
Alm lilbiga                              Senior navigator
Alm trakia                              Senior gunnery officer

Lodairl                                    Officer
Lodairl                                    Gariar Flight officer
Lodairl Kisaina                      Reserve duty officers
Lodairl Sazoir                        Administrative officer
Lodairl Skoem                       Military engineering officer
Gairit                                       Military doctor

Drokia                                     Communications officer
Drokia roirosasel                  Investigation and communications officer

Kasalia                                    Staff officer
Kasalia Doroshot                  Communications Staff Officer
Kasalia Ragurot                     Recon Staff Officer
Kasalia Rilbikot                      Navigation Staff Officer
Kasalia Toroshot                   Gunnery Staff Officer
Kasalia Yokuskurot               Operations Staff Officer

Rodail                                      Officer
Rodail fazel hal                      Shipbuilding officer
Rodail galel                             Flight officers
Rodail norkuta                       Regular officer
Rodail sazoil                           Administrative officer
Rinjer                                       Rear Defense Officer

Fektodai                                  Aviator
Fektodai Sazoirl                     Accountant Aviator

Bene Lodair                           Pilot trainee, officer cadet



There are as many as 15 Sections in Labule.

Abh Language English Top Rank
Garéc Flying Section Imperial Admiral
Sazoïc Administration Section Administration Admiral*
(unknown) Ground Section Ground Admiral*
Gairit Medical Section Medical Admiral*
(unknown) Technical Section Technical Admiral*
(unknown) Police Section Admiral of the Fleet
(unknown) Law Section >Admiral of the Fleet
(unknown) Nursing Section Admiral of the Fleet
Scœmr Maintenance Section Admiral
faziac roubonr Weaponry Section Admiral
faziac harr Shipyard Section Admiral
faziac sér Machinery Section Admiral
faziac datycirir Computer Section Admiral
(unknown) Route Section Admiral
(unknown) Music Section Hecto-Commander

* These correspond to ” Imperial Fleet Admiral ” in the Flying Section.

Among them garéc (hishou-ka, The Flying Section) is the most important by far. In fact, as one can imagine, it was the Labule itself in early days and the other sections (called Special Sections) were created later as Labule became bigger and more complicated. Although both the royalty (fasanzœrh) and the peerage (simh) must serve in the Star Forces as mentioned above, the former must join the Flying Section, which is directly involved in combat. This is why I am in the Flying Section while Jinto can be in the Administration Section (shukei-ka, sazoïc). Yet we Ablïarsec tend to think it is our right, not duty, to be in the most dangerous part of the battlefield.

The outline for the Ranking and Organization charts complements: nonchan. The information there in is complied from his sources, the official technical manuals and information from the Tokyopop novels.