The Twenty-Nine Clans of Abh



Originally, thirty Abh were created. One was lost during last minute training, and the remaining 29 left the mother space-city and eventually became independent from their creators. These 29 Abh were the founders of the original 29 clans. Here, I give you a brief introduction to their names and characteristics.

Originally, there was no concept of “clans”. Each of 29 Abh’s had a specific task to take care of on the ship, and as the population grew, children naturally took part in their parents’ tasks. And eventually it was settled that each clan would be in charge of certain tasks. This was the start of the clans. However, as more and more new clans are established, it became meaningless to classify a clan by what kind of tasks it had. Also, the leader of each clan, who had been the commander of the tasks of the clan, became nothing more than a symbolic figure.

An exception to this was Ablïarsec, which later became the Royal clan of the Empire.

The name Ablïarsec came from Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun in ancient Japanese myth. The other 28 are named after the constellations in 28 Seishuku (note: roughly means 28 constellations. It is widely adopted in astrology.)

Through out this article you will find the word üaritec used it is defined as follows:

üaritec, is a physical characteristic that members from the same clan share. Abh’s are allowed to have such genetic manipulation as long as the “guidelines” are not violated. For example, their hair color cannot be red or yellow, while dark green or deep purple are allowed.


Ablïarsec [abljars]

Clans arranged by seasons:

East (Blue Dragon, Spring)

Ruc [ru] Aimh [ɛf] Lomh [lof] Loepoess [lœpœs] Dachoc [daʃo] Aislairec [ɛslɛr] Biboth [biboθ]


South (Red Bird, Summer)

Tlich [tliʃ] Lamcoemec [lamkœm] Duneucec [dunøk] Cotponic [kotponi] Lineucec [linøk] Larych [laryʃ] Beussaicec [bøsɛk]


West (White Tiger, Fall)

Losaich [losɛʃ] Tlaimh [tlɛf,] Sosïéc [sosie] Spaurh [spɔʀ] Aimenyrh [ɛmənyʀ] Snoech [snœʃ] Sarrych [saryʃ]


North (Black Tortoise, Winter)

Cilych [kilyʃ] Idaimh [idɛf] Nych [nyʃ] Lobitec [lobit] Fimegaimec [fiməgɛm] Calyc [kaly] Dabaimec [dabɛm]

North and East Clans complements: seikai Southern and Western clans plus any changes to seikai’s work are derived from the seikai readers.


The name Ablïarsec came from Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun in ancient Japanese myth. This clan was responsible for space navigation during the Grand Roaming Era. During that time all of the Abh clans were on a single spaceship called Ablïarsec. The leader of the clan would act as the king of the ship, and he/she would control where they would go next, as well as the distribution of the tasks to the other clans when needed. In a battlefield, the king was also the commander of the entire Abh fleet.

After the Empire was founded, while the other clan leaders’ positions became no more than honorary posts, the leader of Ablïarsec ruled over the entire Abh as an Emperor. There were eight Royal families: Scirh, ïrich, Üescoc, Barcéc, Lasisec, Balgzédéc, Chülgzédéc, and Crybh. The name of Ablïarsec was only to be used by the Royal families. Not only the clan name, but the family name, néïc was for the exclusive use by these Royal families. Those who were branched from the direct descendant used bausec.

Only an Ablïarsec is allowed to have the pointy ears as üaritec. Ablïarsec were known to easily lose their temper and tended to resort to violence for a solution; therefore, those from this clan were considered to be the most “Abh-like” among all the Abh clans.

Ruc [ru] su. Dragon’s horn.
This clan was responsible for communication on the spaceship. They also care for maintenance of electronics and other delicate machinery. Their üaritec([warit]) was called “the nose of Ruc”. In the early days of the Empire, they wielded great power closely following Ablïarsec and Spaurh, and produced many diplomats, but gradually lost power as many ground-origin career officials enter the bureaucratic world.

Aimh [ɛf] ami. Neck.
This clan took care of the maintenance of the spaceship. They had “the silver hair of Aimh” as üaritec. They opened up many new ground worlds, but didn’t do very well financially because they tended to focus on useless wasteland.

Lomh [lof] tomo. Chest.
This clan was responsible for the spaceship’s power grid like generators, motors, lighting, etc. Their üaritec was called “Lomh’s golden pupil”. They were generally calm and cold-hearted, thus explaining many military personnel and scientists are from this clan. When the Biboth established the planar space navigation theory, they provided engineering support. They lacked financial sense, so often were called “the best as a warship’s captain, the worst as a merchant ship’s”.

Loepoess [lœpœs] soi(boshi). Stomach. The four stars comprising the head of the Scorpion constellation.
This clan was responsible for all of the medical and health care, excluding delivery. They were known as the only Abh to have killed an Ablïarsec; the first king of the spaceship died when one of the clan’s ancestors gave him an injection. The syringe used at that time was from the original mothership and it was treasured as an heirloom of the clan. Their üaritec was “the slender fingers of Loepoess”.

Dachoc [daʃo] nakago. Buttocks.
They supervised energy in general including Uanon. Üaritec was slim and long “Dachoc’s Lips”. They tended to be delicate and many devoted to arts and literature.

Aislairec [ɛslɛr] ashitare. Tail. Corresponds to the Scorpion’s tail and stemmed from ashitareboshi.
This clan worked in metal refining. They do not fear failure, but because of their tendency to act too hastily, they were not very successful in the military or business. However, there were cases where good results would come in when a long-range plan was established and pursued.

Biboth [biboθ] mi(boshi). Tail.
They surveyed fixed stars on the spaceship and also took part in the decision for ship’s course. Their üaritec was tender and curly “the Hair of Biboth”. Although notorious for “Gorgeous Insanity”, such a trait occasionally brought positive results — one of the famous ones was the establishment of planar space navigation theory.

Cilych [kilyʃ] hitsuki, Tortoise and snake.
This clan was in charge of designing and manufacturing various machineries. They were very successful in intra-ship commerce, but took a downfall after the Empire was founded. They had talent in military and business, but it was very rare to find a very prominent one. Their domains also gave stress to industrial economy.

Idaimh [idɛf] inami. Snake.
This clan was in charge of DNA manipulation and delivery. After the Empire was founded, they ran Terraforming Engineers’ Association. Their üaritec was “Idaimh’s Icy Eyes”.

Nych [nyʃ] uruki. Tortoise.
This clan’s responsibility included living environments like recuperation and nurture. After the rules around the clans were settled down, they took charge of those rules and military morale. There were many intrepid soldiers from this clan. Their üaritec was sharp cuspid known as “Nych’s Tooth”. They were good as commanders but not as staffs or traders. Even before the Empire was found, there had been a saying among the grounders, “Avoid trading with Nych. Biboth, too.”

Lobitec [lobit] tomite. Tortoise.
This clan was the greatest in numbers, and took care of many miscellaneous tasks. Their üaritec was dark green “Robitec’s Hair”. They had many Feudal lords and military personnel, but none of them was very prominent. In the space navy, most of them were staff officers rather than commanders

Fimegaimec [fiməgɛm] umiyame. Snake.
They were responsible for ventilation and hydroponics farms. They valued cheerful spirit, but others thought them as careless. Their üaritec was a black speckle on the middle of the forehead — “the Star of Fimegaimec”.

Calyc [kaly] hatsui. Dragon.
They were in charge of navigation record of the ship, which was basically the history of the Abh. They did not have an üaritec, and they valued calmness and fairness. They considered the incident of disastrous fire that engulfed the ancient navigation records as their biggest dishonor.

Dabaimec [dabɛm] namame. Dragon.
Responsible for recycling and sanitation. Their üaritec was slight red colored space-time sensory organ. (Dabaimec’s Diamond) Since their üaritec was always hidden behind almfac([almfa] the hair band Abh’s wear on their heads), it was often misunderstood that they felt disgraceful about their origin — in reality though, they had a solid pride about themselves. They had in-depth knowledge concerning organic chemistry and DNA engineering; they competed with Idaimh in terraforming business.